NESA Co-located With TBFAA Convention in October 2010

Since we announced that we would be meeting at the ISC West Show, we have received multiple inquiries as to why we were not supporting a state association show by co-locating at a state show as we have in the past.

While we met at the ISC show several years ago, over the past few years we have held productive meetings in conjunction with the states including with the: Maryland Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (MDBFAA) and local False Alarm Reduction Association Chapter in Baltimore, the Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (OKBFAA) in Oklahoma City; and the Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA) in Dallas.

So by popular demand, we have decided to meet at a state show instead of at ISC west.

The TBFAA has graciously agreed to host NESA in Galveston, Texas from October 20th to the 23rd, 2010.

“I am extremely excited that we will be co-locating with the TBFAA” said Rex Adams, NESA President. “It gives us the opportunity to put our support behind what is already one of the most successful security shows and will also allow the leaders from our member states, as well as from states considering joining our alliance, to see a top notch state association in action.”

New EPA Regulations Unlikely to Affect Alarm Dealers

12-2-09- NESA – A trade association recently released a statement advising that “Newly proposed EPA regulations could affect alarm dealers” (see story).

NESA research into the issue revealed that the new regulations which are aimed at painting, window, door and remodeling contractors offer an exclusion that will exempt most activities done during the alarm installation process. Page 2 of the EPA Guide “The Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right EPA’s Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program” details the activities that are excluded and not subject to the rule:

Housing built in 1978 or later.
Minor repair and maintenance activities that disturb 6 square feet or less of paint per room inside, or 20 square feet or less on the exterior of a home or building.
For a government guide on the new rules visit http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/sbcomplianceguide.pdf

NESA Contributes to FARA Institute

In April of 2009 NESA agreed to contribute to the FARA Institute

The mission of the FARA Institute is to deliver training to members of the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) via a variety of means including webinars, DVD’s, training symposiums, classroom training, publications, etc.

FARA is and association of Public Safety False Alarm Professionals in the US and Canada.

2009 Annual Meeting

NESA Board Meeting in Maryland in conjunction with the Maryland Burglar Alarm & Fire Alarm Association (MDBFAA) and also in conjunction with False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) on 10-14-2009.

The board heard updates on FARA and state activities and discussed ways to address abuses by summer sales model companies.

Video Verification Guidelines Adopted

In October of 2008, NESA developed Guidelines for video verification that cover central station/monitoring facility procedures, video quality & storage, installation and owner responsibilities.

NESA – El Dorado Insurance Program Approved

In July of 2008, NESA partnered with El Dorado Insurance Agency to create an insurance plan for alarm industry professionals. Contact your state association or El Dorado for more information.

New Legislative Plan Implemented

In May of 2008, NESA implemented a new and improved plan for legislative monitoring and advocacy that combines federal and state monitoring as well as increased outreach and monitoring of several national associations that can impact out industry.

The plan includes a new service that will provide email updates to leaders of bills that are of potential concern as well as allow members of each state association in the alliance to track progress of bills and make contact as needed on their own through an enhanced web site.

2008 Annual Meetings

  • NESA held a Board Meeting in Oklahoma City in conjunction with the Oklahoma Burglar Alarm & Fire Alarm Association and the ADI Expo on 03-04-2008. The board discussed a new legislative plan and elected new officers.
  • NESA held a Board Meeting in Dallas in conjunction with the Texas Burglar Alarm & Fire Alarm Association on 10-23-2008. The board:
    • heard reports from each member state,
    • listened to a presentation on the new NESA- El Dorado Insurance plan,
    • discussed issues with VOIP lines for Fire Alarms,
    • heard an update on FARA activities and
    • approved a new guideline on Video Verification.

2007 Annual Meeting

NESA held a Board Meeting in Las Vegas in conjunction with ISC West on 03-27-2007.

The board heard

  • updates on stopping verified response,
  • membership recruiting efforts,
  • enhanced verification laws and
  • sponsorship of the FARA Regional Training Class by state associations.

FARA-NESA Alarm Equipment Guide

In April of 2006, NESA and FARA approved the FARA-NESA Alarm Equipment Guide.

The purpose of this reference guide is to provide public safety and the alarm industry with recommendations regarding alarm system equipment and installation practices that have proven to be highly effective in reducing false alarms and which will make a significant impact on the false alarm problem when fully implemented.

The reference guide contains major alarm system components, describes their function, provides recommended applications and lists either the false alarm potential or the false alarm prevention aspects of each component.

2006 Annual Meeting

NESA held a Board Meeting in Las Vegas in conjunction with ISC West on Tuesday April 4th.

At the meeting progress reports were given from each state and several new position papers were adopted on a variety of issues including; false alarm reduction, VoIP, verified response and state licensing.

The NESA board also approved several proposed changes that will be submitted to NFPA to improve the recently adopted Standard on Security–NFPA 731.

In addition, the board has adopted an extensive Guide to Alarm Equipment which will be released as a joint document with the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) after it has been reviewed by the FARA board at their meeting at the end of April.

All of the newly approved position papers are available for download 

NESA video to educate alarm users available on it web site

Visit the False Alarm Reduction page for more information on a educational alarm video Available for Industry, Police and Customer distribution

CEU Program Created

In September of 2005, NESA created a CEU program to make sure that quality training designed for the audience is offered for industry continuing education.

2005 Annual Meeting

NESA held a Board Meeting in Las Vegas in conjunction with ISC West on 04-06-2005.

At the meeting NESA:

  • Held a question and answer session on the goals and objectives of NESA for prospective members,
  • Heard from a guest speaker- Geoff Kohl, Editor-in-Chief of Securityinfowatch.com on Developing State Newsletters and PR efforts,
  • Discussed NESA training accreditation program,
  • Discussed efforts on VoIP and
  • Exchanged information on state association activities.

Training Accreditation Program Created

In January of 2005, NESA adopted a program to award accreditation to state associations that are members of the alliance who apply for the accreditation and agree to run their programs according to the standards adopted by NESA.

Hurricane Katrina Forum Created

In September of 2005, NESA setup a free and open web user forum to allow members of the electronic systems industry to help each other recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. The False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) joined us as a cosponsor of the forum.

NESA Creates National Monitor

In February of 2005, NESA began distributing a periodic email newsletter to its members that details industry issues throughout the nation.

NESA Formed on 12-17-2004

Read the NESA Formation Press Release for more information.