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Day: May 7, 2018

How to Get RMR By Adding Video Verification to Professionally Monitored Security Systems

5.7.18 – SSI – In the home automation world, the term “video verification”  is used pretty casually. An alarm goes off, and maybe a video camera is pulled up to see if there’s a bad guy on the premises. In the security industry, however, the term has a more formal meaning, generally referring to video […]

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5-7-18 NESA Monitor

Public Safety Updates CT: Police look to cut down on reports of false alarms 4.30.18 – – Plainfield, Conn. – Many would expect businesses like Central Village Discount Liquors to have an alarm system and they might not be surprised that every once in a while the alarm would be set off by mistake. “Twice,” said MIke Murphy who […]

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