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Alarm Company Jingle Still Gets Statewide Attention

Alarm Company Jingle Still Gets Statewide Attention 6.11.18 – – HOT SPRINGS (KFSM) — An advertisement jingle for a security company in Hot Springs is still getting statewide attention, six years after it has been playing on the radio. The owners of HughCo Alarms wanted to use a jingle for the advertisement, so the radio station brought […]

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City pays out 29K to settle lawsuit

4.1.18 – The Sentinel-Record Hot Springs and the Arkansas Municipal League paid out $58,095, including $40,000 in attorney fees, from the $110,000 fund they established to settle a class-action lawsuit filed last year against the city’s false alarm ordinance. They’re each responsible for half the payout, or $29,047.50, Municipal League attorney Michael A. Mosley said. […]

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