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CA: Video captures bear breaking into CA home through kitchen window

6.15.18 – – The savvy suspect isn’t one a security alarm can deter – because it’s a bear. After more than 20 years of living in South Lake Tahoe, Lane Sykes and Carole Scofield consider themselves lucky. “It’s a discomforting feeling to think, ‘Oh dear, do I dare leave the house?’” Scofield said. That discomforting feeling […]

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Don’t Let Service Reps Ruin Your Reputation

6.15.18 – SSI –  Mark Matlock  First impressions are everything. Here’s how to avoid being called out — and potentially losing business — for poor customer service. If I took a poll of everyone reading this column and asked: “Have you ever had a negative experience with a customer service representative [CSR]?” I’ll bet 100% of you […]

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Alarm Company Jingle Still Gets Statewide Attention

Alarm Company Jingle Still Gets Statewide Attention 6.11.18 – – HOT SPRINGS (KFSM) — An advertisement jingle for a security company in Hot Springs is still getting statewide attention, six years after it has been playing on the radio. The owners of HughCo Alarms wanted to use a jingle for the advertisement, so the radio station brought […]

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6-18-18 Weekly News

Public Safety Updates CA: Council approves new fee increases for city services 6.15.18 – Seal Beach News – One example Beatley brought up was false alarm fees. When a residential or business alarm sounds, two Seal Beach Police officers are regularly dispatched. Industry News NFPA Members Vote Overwhelmingly to Accept Updated Language on Fire Alarm Monitoring 6.14.18 – SDM […]

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ADI – Austin, TX  Expo – Tuesday, June 26, 2018

TBFAA will offer the National Electrical Code (NEC) Low Voltage Update. Taught by – Kelly Ryan, TBFAA President  this course will meet the Texas DPS state licensing requirement for an update on the National Electrical Code (NEC). Learn how the NEC applies to low voltage systems. Review requirements for panel accessibility, connections, protection of wiring, […]

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