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How to Slice Your Taxable Income by 20%

9.1.18 - SSI -  By Mitch Reitman The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act gave birth to a new provision, Section 199A, which permits owners of sole proprietorships, S corporations or partnerships to deduct up to 20% of the income earned by the business. WHEN CONGRESS EMBARKED...

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6 Perimeter Protection Best Practices

9.4.18 - SSI - Bob Dolph Bob Dolph shares some of the practices, products and procedures when implementing perimeter security. If you ask any security professional what the first line of defense is in a security system they will tell you the perimeter. Plus, any...

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Video: Major hotels giving panic buttons to workers

9.7.18 SIW Tens of thousands of employees at more than 18,00 US hotels will soon carry panic buttons help protect them from harassment and assault. More than a dozen big hotel chains said they will provide personal safety devices to all employees by 2020. (Sept. 6)...

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Be on alert for alarm system scams

9.6.18 - Newton County Times - LITTLE ROCK Consumers should be on the alert for door-to-door sales people using scare tactics to sell home alarm systems. The Attorney General’s Office receives complaints against home alarm systems and monitoring services for...

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Report: Maryland ahead of curve on school safety

9.5.18 – SecurityInfoWatch- ALLEN ETZLER ON SEP 5, 2018 - SOURCE: THE FREDERICK NEWS-POST, MD. (TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE) As students ready to head back to school Tuesday, a recently-released report from the state says Maryland is leading the way on school safety. The...

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9.10.18 -NESA Monitor

Public Safety Updates LA: LPD wants to remind residents, businesses about alarm ordinance 9.5.18 - KATC Lafayette News - Lafayette City Police want to remind residents and business owners in the city of the city's alarm ordinance. The ordinance has been in effect...

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